10,000 forest creatures looking for a way home.
Woodies is more than an avatar project. It is a story-driven, complex universe created by UltraDAO’s artist collective.

Once upon a time in the Wondermist Forest...

There was a tribe of magical trees who would play and laugh together every day. One fateful evening, the trees were all mysteriously chopped down and hauled away by an evil villain known only as “The Logger”.

Poor lonely Arden was the last tree left, and knew what had to be done. He must find and save his friends from the evil Logger! But in order to save them, he’d have to build up the courage to leave the only home he’s ever known...


About Woodies

Woodies is a collection of 10,000 avatars created by UltraDAO. But this isn’t just another avatar project. Propelled by one of the largest 10k project teams and an established artist DAO, Woodies is a universe rich in storytelling and characters with big plans for future content and collector rewards.

Woodies are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and all metadata is hosted on IPFS. Purchasing a Woodie costs 0.08 ETH.

Each Woodie is unique and randomly generated at the time of mint from over 1000 possible traits, including eyes, hats, clothing, masks, and more. There will also be a separate collection of hand-drawn characters from the Woodies universe, including the main character, Arden. These special characters will be given at random to holders of Woodies Mint Passports.

Additionally, we will be automagically donating 10% of all profits to global reforestation efforts. We will announce more details about this partnership soon.

The Trail Guide

Late September

Phase 1: 10k Woodies

10,000 Woodies are available for adoption with 9 one-of-one named characters mixed in, including Arden, the protagonist.


The Nameless Woodies

This is a series of collector's challenges, mini-games, and puzzles where winners can name their Woodie and elevate them to a character who will appear in future content and be eligible for special rewards.


Woodies Goodies

Woodies owners can get their branches on limited edition merch, including but not limited to hats, tees, and outdoor gear.


Woodies Comic

Woodies Animated Comic #1 will be a free airdrop to Woodies holders and include the origin story of Arden and the missing Woodies.

Giving Back

10% Trees.org Donation

During the Woodies mint period, we will donate 10% of proceeds to global reforestation projects with Trees.org.

Exclusive Artwork

Woodies Lore

A series of Woodies concept art released by UltraDAO members documenting the history and lore of Woodies.

Winter 2021-2022

Phase 2: Woodies World

Woodies take on the metaverse! In addition to future Woodies Comics Airdrops, we will also be creating 3D avatars with attributes based on the Woodies you already own!


Woodies 3D

Woodies owners will have access to mint their own 3D Woodie and choose accessories from across their own Woodies to perfect their drip in VR.


Woodies World

A 3D/VR universe just for Woodies owners to buy land, build communities, play games, and collect items.


Woodies Comic

Woodies Animated Comic #2 will be a free airdrop to Woodies holders and include the second installment of the Woodies story and reveal more about the Logger.


Phase 3: Woodies Membership

Expanding the Woodies Universe into the real natural world, we aim to become an outdoor NFT brand with events, family-oriented activations, metaverse expansion, and additional content.

Members Only

Woodies Weekends

A series of international events for Woodies holders in beautiful destinations around the world. Skiing, hiking, bouldering, fishing, boating, and more!

Members Only

Woodies Kids Club

Metaverse activations for our l’il Woodies members, books, games, toys, and fun for the whole family!


Additional Content

Additional airdrops and content throughout the next year plus a whole lot more as we continue building the Woodies Universe!

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